Absolutely Incredible Kid Day®

March 16, 2017


Camp Fire’s Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® honors our nation’s youth by asking adults to write letters of encouragement and inspiration to the incredible kids in their lives. It is a simple, meaningful way to let youth know how much they are appreciated.

Join Camp Fire and our many corporate and philanthropic partners as we celebrate the amazing kids who impact our community and communities around the country. Youth from around the nation will be celebrating along with you as we recognize absolutely incredible kids at Camp Fire council events around the nation, on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, in video on YouTube and at live events.

AIKD is a day designated to honor our nation’s youth. Adults and teens are asked to write, post, tweet, and tag (#AIKD) notes of encouragement and inspiration. It is a simple, meaningful way to let youth know how much they are appreciated. Lives are changed by this simple act of love and kindness.

Celebrations happen around the country!


Absolutely Incredible Kids

Each year, we highlight several Absolutely Incredible Kids and post their letters. Here are letters to some of our great Kid Champions!

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​Sponsorship Opportunities

National sponsorship opportunities may still be available. More information from Angela Connelly.

Thank you to our Absolutely Incredible Sponsors!

National Youth Champion Sponsor:

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