Getting Involved in Absolutely Incredible Kid Day (#AIKD)

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Ways Your Organization Can Get Involved with Absolutely Incredible Kid Day

  • Consider a sponsorship! While national and local sponsor opportunities are limited, it is a great way to participate in the event. Local event sponsorship levels are also available.
  • Host your own event at your organization! Use your internal communication channels such as e-mail to employees, a corporate intranet, or corporate internal newsletters to get the word out. Then, host your own event on March 16!
  • Support the event on social media! Use your official company social media channels to show your customers that you support youth empowerment! Re-post items from Camp Fire’s official feeds, or develop your own messages and tag the post with #AIKD. It’s simple, free, and can change the life of a young person.
  • Donate to Camp Fire! Camp Fire programs across the country empower youth. Making a donation to Camp Fire’s Vision Fund allows us to keep delivering effective, consistent programs that allow kids to find their voice and discover the sparks inside them. Your donation will impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of children, teens, and families around the country. To make an individual donation, visit, or contact Eileen Bobowski for corporate donations at [816] 285 2029.