Kansas City based CEO of Camp Fire National Headquarters to join conversation with national CEO’s and White House officials

What: “Human trafficking is today’s modern slavery,” said President Obama. Every 30 seconds, another person becomes a victim of human trafficking. The estimate is that more than 20 million women, children, and men are victims of trafficking worldwide, with thousands of victims in the U.S.

In an April discussion, President Obama called on the White House Council on Faith-based and Community Partnerships to do something about this epidemic. Brian Gallagher, member of the council and national CEO for United Way, called on thought partners across the United States to come together and brain-storm how to bring this issue to the forefront—a local leader, Cathy Tisdale, President and CEO of Camp Fire National Headquarters, is one of those thought partners.

“Human trafficking is estimated to be one of the top-grossing criminal industries in the world, with traffickers profiting an estimated $32 billion annually. But it’s not just global. It’s happening in cities across America, including right here in Kansas City. Girls as young as 13 are being driven into the commercial sex trade business, typically taking years to escape it, if they ever do. As part of a coalition of national organizations, we need a much better understanding of this issue and then consider what we can all do to affect change. Camp Fire dedicates its voice on behalf of America’s youth and teens and girls who are trafficked deserve our attention.” –Cathy Tisdale, President and CEO, Camp Fire National Headquarters.

Who: Cathy Tisdale, President and CEO, Camp Fire National Headquarters, will join several national non-profit leaders and White House officials to discuss human trafficking in communities across the United States—including Kansas City.

When: August 1, 2013

Where: United Way Worldwide Headquarters, Alexandria, Virginia

Why: As an advocate for youth and families, Camp Fire knows it is important that America brings voice to this conversation. Human trafficking is happening in Kansas City. Camp Fire vows to be an advocate for this community and youth families everywhere.