Teens Making a Difference

Camp Fire’s Teens in Action program gives teens the opportunity to give back and make a huge impact in their community.

Entire neighborhoods and communities benefit when groups of teens come together and develop local service projects to meet specific needs. From building new parks to bringing old ones back to life; from meeting with politicians to discussing the tough questions to getting involved in local elections; from bringing new resources into schools to tutoring programs being developed by the students—Camp Fire teens are taking action and leading their communities, today.

Projects Achieve Results That Matter

Teens in Action works because an organized group of teens—not Camp Fire staff and volunteers—decide how they want to serve their community. Group members make the decisions, plan their efforts, and implement their plan. Our trained staff guide and support the group as they carry through their ideas and achieve the intended results. Teens lead the program and make a difference for themselves and their community.

Learning to Serve Through Action

Camp Fire is dedicated to helping youth and teens become leaders today. We teach them the skills they need by supporting them and helping them take action. And when teens see the results of their work, they thrive. As we always say, “at Camp Fire, it begins now.”

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