The Wohelo Award

Work, Health, and Love

“Wohelo” stands for Work, Health, and Love—values that have been central to Camp Fire since our founding in 1910. The Wohelo Award is the highest achievement for youth in Camp Fire. This prestigious award, open to teens in grades 9 through 12, offers opportunities for personal development, leadership, and advocacy on important issues.

The award is earned by completing an intensive and highly individualized project. Teens design their projects based on their interests, values, and goals. Completing the requirements to earn the Wohelo Award takes hard work, dedication, motivation, creativity, determination, and discipline. The award demonstrates perseverance, the ability to set and achieve meaningful goals, a strong work ethic, commitment to community service, and leadership.

Wohelo Award recipients tell us it is the most rewarding experience Camp Fire youth will ever have. And, it is an important addition to a job application, college application and interview, and as part of other community activities he or she is interested in.

Wohelo Award Recipients

The following individuals have earned Wohelo Awards in 2016:

Camp Fire Central Coast of California, Pismo Beach, CA

Skylar DePhillips, Jessica Dunn, Mariah Zepeda

Camp Fire Central Puget Sound, Seattle, WA

Amanda Hamakami, Meghan Horn, Emi Nakashima, Tucker J. Alexander, Elizabeth J. Bassett

Camp Fire Heart of California, Madera, CA

Courtney Estes, Sabrina Ibrahim

Camp Fire Heart of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, OK

Christina Bass, Erica Berger, Maisie Brown, Vera Ruth Moore, Samara Welch, TJ Wright

Camp Fire Inland Northwest, Spokane Valley, WA

Casey Ball, Angela Basinger, Matthew Ellis

Camp Fire Long Beach Area, Long Beach, CA

Emma Skinner, Michael Zabala

Camp Fire Monticello, Monticello, IA

Megan Beaman, Abigail Beem, Paige Holub, Madison Lambert, Rileigh Jae Lambert, Rachel Larabee, Jordyn Patterson, Adrianne Supple, Kiley Wall

Camp Fire Tayanoka, East Liverpool, OH

Kirstin Ward, Payton Perkins

Camp Fire Wilani, Springfield, OR

Cassandra Miner, Kimberly Smith, Brenna Stramler

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