Youth Advisory Cabinet

Youth Advisory Cabinet

National Youth Advisory Cabinet (YAC)

Our Youth Advisory Cabinet ensures youth voice in policy and decision making that affects the entire Camp Fire Movement. In addition, YAC members serve as a strong voice for youth and teens everywhere—whether or not they’ve ever been a part of Camp Fire.

YAC members are selected annually through a highly competitive application and interview process. Teens who have been active in Camp Fire are strongly encouraged to apply. However, Camp Fire participation is not required. We seek high school and college students who represent the broad spectrum of young people committed to community service and leadership.

Our current YAC is composed of 17 youth from around the country. The YAC Chair serves as a full voting member of the National Board of Trustees.

The National Youth Advisory Cabinet Commitment

We are the voice of Camp Fire.

We connect today’s youth with National Headquarters.

We are leaders, now.

We work to light the fire within.

We are the National Youth Advisory Cabinet.

What does the YAC do?

  • Advise National Headquarters on how to communicate with youth and teens.
  • Advise National Headquarters on strategies to attract new youth and teens while continuing to light the fire within current participants.
  • Represent Camp Fire nationally and locally at key conferences and special events.
  • Adopt service projects and major initiatives that measurably advance the National YAC responsibilities, purpose, and promise.

In order to serve on YAC, you must…

  • Have reached the age of 16 by the first day of term (January 1) and will not attain age 21 in your first year of term.
  • Be active in your community through volunteering, community service, or a leadership position.
  • Be willing to make a two-year commitment.
  • Be open to the opinions and perspectives of others, and be willing to try new things.
  • Have a passion for bettering yourself, your community, the world in which we live.

For more information on joining the YAC, contact Camp Fire at

Application Information

For more specific and detailed information and descriptions of programs in your area, please click here to find your local Camp Fire.

National YAC Members

Nathaniel Collins (chair) is a sophomore at Iowa State University studying Management. He has been involved in Camp Fire for the 10 years, first as a camper, and now as a Counselor, Youth Representative, and YAC Vice Chair. At ISU Nathaniel is involved in the radio station and Swing Dancing club as the Treasurer for each, satisfying both his love of music and passion for dancing. Throughout his 2 years in YAC Nathaniel has most enjoyed planning YAC lead activities for YLE/NLC. Within YAC he is most passionate about council communication, helping to create a bridge between the councils and Camp Fire National.

Caitlyn Chase is a 19-year-old from Independence Oregon. She is fascinated with learning about children and the way that they interact with one another, the creativity and imagination that comes out of a child’s mind is amazing. Caitlyn recently completed her FFA proficiency, where she did “Ag in the Classroom” using literacy to advocate to children about the ag industry. Caitlyn is passionate about leadership and serving her community, she loves to use her leadership skills when helping people and sharing those skills with others. Caitlyn is extremely excited to be the voice for youth in my state, gain new leadership skills, and continue to light the fire in Camp Fire.

Miranda Cheers is from Ortonville, Michigan. She is fascinated with foreign lands, and hopes to travel as much as possible in her future.

Miranda recently starred as Maid Marian in her school’s production of Robin Hood, completing her high school acting career. She is passionate about the power of camp and the positive effect it has on youth. Camp builds confidence, helps youth discover who they are, and who they want to be. She hopes to work in youth programming in the future. Why Miranda is excited to serve on YAC: From a young age, Camp Fire has helped Miranda find her spark. She wholeheartedly believes in Camp Fire’s promise and is excited to further her involvement by serving on Camp Fire’s Youth Advisory Cabinet.

Morgan Roth is a 17 year old, Junior in high school from Lakeland, Florida. Morgan is fascinated with history, music and psychology as well as has a deep love for nature and the outdoors. In her spare time Morgan enjoys volunteering with her local Camp Fire center, working with children, and camping. Morgan has a deep passion for community service and strives to be actively involved in her community and council in hopes others will gain the same passion for volunteering and community service. She’s Passionate about: Working with children and teenagers. She believes that every child or teen should discover who they are and embrace themselves despite what society might say is “normal”.

Katelyn Darrow-Eystad is from New Jersey. In her free time she can be found running her own non-profit organization, where she organizes and runs her communities food and clothing bank for needy families. Katelyn wishes to make her mark in the world by encouraging others to make a difference in her community. She is passionate about ending bullying. “Regardless of whether it is physical bullying or cyber bullying, it hurts all the same. Katelyn wants to build her peers up and encourage self-confidence. Teens should be able to talk to each other about their worries and tribulations and not feel ashamed…they should build each other up!”

Anna Torchia (Kansas City) is currently an undergraduate student at Stephens College in Columbia, MO, studying theatre. She is involved with the Warehouse Theatre Company, The Playhouse Theatre Company, and KWWC at Stephens, serving in both leadership and creative roles. In her free time, Anna likes to travel Missouri and the Midwest, read, and spend time outdoors. Anna has been involved with Camp Fire for 3 years, serving on the YAC since her senior year of high school; Camp Fire has helped her develop strong leadership skills and discover her spark in life. She is passionate about youth leadership and comprehensive, affordable education in order to develop and inspire future leaders in all walks of life - whether it be the arts, STEM fields, activism, and everything in between.

Emily Foxman comes to the YAC from the Atlanta area and has been active within Camp Fire’s Camp Toccoa for many years. She is currently attending Rice University, where she is part of several organizations, including the campus radio station and chorus. Outside of school, Emily enjoys hiking, exploring the outdoors, and spending time with friends. She’s passionate about: Learning. I think it’s important to pursue knowledge, whether it’s in school, in nature, or in everyday life. She is passionate about helping others gain new experiences that help broaden their perspectives on the world. She is looking forward to bringing new ideas to Camp Fire that address issues important to today’s youth, and also for the opportunity to drive change within an organization that she has been a part of for many years.

Emma Schmidtzinsky is a sophomore in high school from Washington state who has been involved in Camp Fire for the past five years. With Camp Fire she has participated in group program, summer day camp, as both a camper and junior counselor, as well as resident camp. Emma continues to stay with Camp Fire because it has helped to make her the person she is today and has provided her with some of the best memories and friends that she could have ever hoped for. This is her first year serving on YAC but she hopes to use her voice to give others the same opportunities that Camp Fire has given her. Outside of Camp Fire Emma enjoys spending time with her family and friends, being in the great outdoors, cooking, doing art projects and volunteering in her community. One day she hopes to study at the University of Washington and get a degree in medicine to become a doctor.

McKenzie Napier is a sophomore at Mountain View High School in Bend, Oregon where she is a member of the speech and debate team, nordic ski team, and student body council. McKenzie joined Camp Fire in elementary school because she loved the different camps she was able to participate in. Today, McKenzie is working on receiving her Wohelo and volunteers as a counselor-in-training and counselor at a local summer camp. She also joined her local Camp Fire board of directors as a youth representative. McKenzie wanted to be part of the Camp Fire National Youth Advisory Cabinet to help an organization that is a huge part of her life. She loves having this unique opportunity as a teen to be able to work in a group that can have a big impact.

Jessica Dunn is a 16 year old from Arroyo Grande, California. She is currently a Junior at her local high school. In terms of the future, she hopes to become a pediatric oncologist due to her unwavering dedication to the act of giving back. Some of Jessica’s hobbies include: baking/cooking (yes with that comes eating), yoga, all aspects of the outdoors (whether that’s hiking, camping, surfing, swimming, or stargazing), and her passion for being involved with her community through campfire, Younglife, youth group, and any areas of service.

Jessica thrives when challenged; she perseveres when given a difficult task, and she refuses to admit defeat. She uses these strengths to help others. As seen with her acquired 1,679 community service hours in the last 3 years. Jessica keeps those around her comfortable with the outpouring of love she is constantly providing.

Nathan Alexander is from Wichita Falls, TX. Camp Fire is his spark, and he is truly grateful to be a part of such an amazing organization. Throughout the past 13 years Nathan has been able to use all skills gained at Camp Fire to his everyday life, at school and as a leader in the community. The commitment of local council staff formed his experiences as a young person and, as such, is honored to give back to Camp Fire.