Growth Mindset: Your Key to Thriving

Do you believe people can change? Do you think we can grow? Do you consider things like intelligence, talents and skills prizes of a random genetic lottery or qualities anybody can develop with time and tenacity? Camp Fire is built around the belief that we can boost our smarts, develop new skills (or lose them […]

Growth Mindset Continues to Grow Impact

Believing that a growth mindset is available to everyone at any time is a fundamental, anchoring belief at Camp Fire. The value of introducing a growth mindset—the belief that you can always learn new skills—continues to reward young lives through increased love of learning, personal resilience, and self-confidence. At Camp Fire Green Country’s recent Spring […]

Growing Up is Hard – But You Can Make it Less Lonely 

You can’t be a growing human without experiencing some amount of pain, discomfort and suffering. But the past few years have introduced new challenges to being a kid: Pandemic isolation, climate fears, political instability, and constant availability of tech tools designed to hijack our brain chemistry to maximize use. Just to name a few.  In […]


CONNECTING YOUTH TO communities & nature SCHOOL YEARPROGRAMS After-school & club programs TEEN SERVICE& LEADERSHIP Leadership programs CAMPS & OUTDOOREDUCATION Nature-powered programs THE CAMP FIRE journey Our program framework is a comprehensive look at what we do and why it matters. WHY IT MATTERS Youth develop essential skills & mindsets Connection to Outdoors Connection to […]

Camp Fire’s Values Deepen as We Grow

When Camp Fire began in 1910, its values were simply “work, health, love.” As we’ve grown and expanded—and as humans continue to better understand ourselves and how we can help each other thrive—our organizational values have deepened. As part of our efforts to refocus on Camp Fire’s why (growing up is hard!), and to wholeheartedly […]

Building Equity with Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Like we’ve talked about on the blog before, Camp Fire is actively and intentionally becoming an equity-focused organization. All of our five 18-month goals are directly related to equity. Why? Not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because we’ve seen how centuries of unaddressed economic injustice and structural racism has made it […]

Young people want to shape the world – now

A recent survey by the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning & Engagement (CIRCLE) found “83 percent [of youth ages 18-24] say they believe young people have the power to change the country.”  That’s exactly what we want young people in Camp Fire to discover, practice, and believe: Their contributions and leadership matter […]

Camp Fire Teen’s Coloring Book Company Goes Viral

  You might have seen Camp Fire teen Ella Matlock recently in Real Simple. Or maybe it was Good Morning America, CNN, The Washington Post, Parents, or E! Online.  As co-founder of the Be The Change Coloring Co., Ella has been doing a lot of interviews lately, and for good reason: The story of how […]

People & Impact

The past eight months have been tumultuous and uncertain. With the Fall school-year approaching, COVID-19 still at large, and the 2020 election around the corner, everything continues to feel up in the air. However, one thing we have learned through this pandemic is that youth development organizations, like Camp Fire, are essential to the wellbeing […]