The Power of Naming the Spark

“I see a spark as something that inspires you to grow, and something that inspires you to help other people around you grow.” These are wise words from Spencer, a Camp Fire counselor. We love this story: Spencer saw a spark in his camper Trey. Naming it changed Trey and their whole cabin community. Some […]

15 Questions to Spark a Sparks Conversation

Thirty-eight percent of kids don’t know what their spark is. They haven’t yet discovered what gets them excited, pushes them to learn and gives them purpose. We know that sparks are the first step to thriving—to creating a healthy, purposeful life. What can help kids find their spark? We can. But research shows that adults […]

Sparks help kids thrive!

If you’ve been around Camp Fire for half a minute, you’ve heard about sparks. And you know we’re not just talking about fire-building skills. We’re talking about life-building passions that put kids on the path to truly thriving. Sparks are talents, interests, commitments and qualities that give kids—and adults—energy and purpose. Simply put, sparks are […]

Training and Development Manager

Training and Development Manager   ABOUT CAMP FIRE Growing up is hard. That’s why Camp Fire connects young people to the outdoors, to others, and to themselves. Camp Fire is an inclusive national youth development organization founded in 1910. With 47 councils in 24 states, Camp Fire creates safe spaces where young people can have […]

Thank you alumni

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