How often do we stop to tell the kids and teens in our lives how incredible they are?

This is why Camp Fire founded Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® in 1997to activate millions of adults across the U.S. to write/tell a young person in their life what makes them incredible.

This year, Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® is proudly presented by Premiere Sponsor SHAZAM!, in theaters April 5.

Your words are powerful: encourage and uplift the kids you know this March!


Do you know an Incredible Kid?

Nominations are open nationwide!

Sponsored by SHAZAM! in theaters April 5.

Every kid is a superhero! That’s why we want you to nominate an incredible kid in your life (K-12) for Camp Fire’s 2019 Absolutely Incredible Kid Day®.

Three Incredible Kids will win the opportunity to fly (all expenses – travel, hotel, meals – along with one guardian) to participate and be honored at two events:

  1. Friday, March 1: Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® Benefit Luncheon in Kansas City at the College Basketball Experience (11:30 am – 1 pm).
  2. Sunday, March 24: VIP luncheon in Los Angeles to celebrate incredible kids across the nation with some of the movie actors, press, and a special showing of SHAZAM!

Please submit all nominations by Feb. 14, 2019.


Incredible Kid Honorees will be selected by the Camp Fire’s National Youth Advisory Cabinet (Aged 16-21), its national president and CEO, and director of program effectiveness, based on the below criteria. Honorees will be notified Feb. 19. Each Honoree must be able to attend both the March 1 and March 24 event in-person.


Know a young person in your life (K-12) who has demonstrated a strong connection to their Sparks, is making a difference in their community and has made you go, “Wow!”?

A Spark is:

  • an expression of inner passion, interest or talent that is central to a person’s identity.
  • originates from inside a person, rather than being imposed from the outside.
  • a source of intrinsic motivation, meaning and self-directed action that can help drive young people forth in other areas.

What else makes an Incredible Kid? A young person who demonstrates a growth mindset has worked hard to overcome challenges, perseveres, and has set and achieved goals.

Nominations are open nationwide. Please submit all nominations by Feb. 14, 2019.

Nominate an Incredible Kid!


2019 Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® Benefit Luncheon Sponsors


Thank you so much to our #AIKD Digital Media Partners for 2018!

Every year, on the third Thursday of March, thousands of adults send notes, emails, letters, texts, videos (you choose!) to encourage and inspire young people across the country. 2019 AIKD is March 21.

Participating in AIKD is a simple, meaningful way to let youth know how much they are appreciated. Words are powerful – young lives are changed by this day and simple act of your encouragement, love, and kindness.

Here are some resources to help you write a kid in your life:

If you’re interested in being a national partner or holding an event in your workplace, please contact us.

Our Promise

Young people want to shape the world.

Camp Fire provides the opportunity to find their spark, lift their voice, and discover who they are.

In Camp Fire, it begins now.

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