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“Camp Fire feels like a family. There are so many people that you can talk to and feel comfortable with telling your story. It’s just a happy place and happy places are cool cause life is kinda hard sometimes and you just need a happy place to go to because you don’t want to always be in that stressful state of mind. Camp Fire helps you escape that. It’s like, “okay, I’m here, and now I can forget about everything else and focus on what we’re doing here.”



“Camp Fire is extraordinarily impactful in the community because it takes a really powerful group of people that are often not thought of as powerful, which is middle schoolers, and it comes at a time of their life when they aren’t entirely sure who they are, and it supports them and it challenges them, and it gives them a place to belong. At the same time, it connects them with their school community, it connects them with the community at large and shows them that they are very powerful agents of change in their own communities.”


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