3 Easy Questions for Self-Reflection

This month, we’ve talked about how reflection fits into Camp Fire’s Thrive{ology} framework and how we can help young people reflect on living a thriving life.

But reflection isn’t just for kids! Let’s steal some reflection wisdom from the Camp Fire playbook for ourselves, shall we?

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You don’t have to wait for a landmark experience, challenge or celebration to set aside time to reflect. Our everyday lives have plenty of fodder for thinking already.

Try out this Camp Fire-tested question method for your own reflection time. Pick something you want to think about (work, a relationship, goals, dreams, a hardship, obstacles, the past, etc)

  • What? What are the facts of your experience? What did you see? What did others see? What did you and/or others hear or do?
  • So What? What emotions did you feel? What emotions did others feel?
  • Now What? What did the experience mean to you? To others? What are the implications for the future? Any next steps?
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You can answer these questions any way you want. Mix up your media to keep your reflections fresh:

  • Try free-journaling your answers. Don’t self-edit, just keep that pen moving.
  • Use your answers to structure a letter to your future self.
  • Verbally process your answers over coffee with a trusted friend or two.
  • Sketch, paint or sculpt in response to the questions.
  • Collage your answers using found images online or in magazines.
  • Create a playlist that represents your answers (this works especially well for the “So What” question about emotions).
  • Move! Act out your answers physically. Pay attention to how your body feels as you reflect.  

Have any of your own tips for self-reflection? We want to hear them! Comment below.

Camp Fire First Texas

February 19, 2018

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