AIKD: Personal Letters as Ambassadors of Confidence

Someone else who knows the impact of positive reinforcement is Lauren Lampe, Camp Fire National Board of Trustees member, Youth Advisory Cabinet (YAC) Advisor, and Director of Marketing for JDog. Lauren is a letter writer and recipient. “I’ve written hundreds of AIKD letters over the year…thousands!” One year she and her YAC compatriots wrote letters to the students returning to school after the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary. During other years everyone picked their own school and then gathered as a group to write and send out the missives. Lauren is proud of the role she played as an ambassador to a young child’s feeling of self-worth. “It’s important to do something personal,” Lauren confirmed. “Kids need to feel special, if even for one day. They need to know they’re absolutely incredible.”
Lauren remembers receiving a letter herself in the mail. “It was the most exciting thing ever,” she recounts. “Getting a piece of mail that had a stamp as well as my name on it! We don’t get many letters anymore. And because we don’t, they’re even more incredible.” Lauren continued by explaining, “In this day and age especially, kids need to know there’s someone thinking about them. When they do know another person cares—specifically about them—they find the confidence to live more courageously, to speak their open, unbiased mind.” Lauren closes with the question, “Does that make sense?” Yes, Lauren, it makes a lot of sense.

In addition to being the YAC Advisor, Lauren is the Director of Marketing for JDog, a franchise system staffed proudly and exclusively by military veterans and their families. Lauren’s responsibilities include social media, digital management, and content creation for JDog. She works closely with the franchisees to ensure they are prepared to market themselves effectively in their local areas. Lauren comes from a military family dating back to her great grandparents. She graduated from McDaniel College in May of 2015 with a BA in communication.


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March 12, 2017

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