An article in Youth Today, a publication targeting those involved in providing youth services in nonprofit organizations and public agencies, highlights Camp Fire’s national implementation of Thrive{ology}.
In December 2014, Camp Fire surveyed young people in its programs across the nation to evaluate Thrive{ology}. Some notable results include:

  • 82 percent stated adults in Camp Fire helped them solve problems instead of telling them what to do.
  • 83 percent said if they did not achieve their goal on the first try, they would not give up.
  • 84 percent reported they were taught they could figure things out even when they did not know the answers.
  • 82 percent reported that at Camp Fire they learned they did not have to be born with talent in order to be good at something.

The article features interviews with the Thrive Foundation for youth, as well as Camp Fire’s James Martinson and Georgia Stewart. The full article can be found at