Camp Fire Central Puget Sound Creates Community Connections

This past May, more than 125 people joined Camp Fire Central Puget Sound for a leadership breakfast focused on sharing the Camp Fire vision through words from community leaders and Camp Fire youth. During the morning, in addition to raising voices in support of Camp Fire programming, $33,375 was raised for ongoing council support, particularly funds to assist families without the financial resources for camp fees.

Two Camp Fire youth spoke, Annika and Julia. Their words about their recent experiences at Camp Sealth reflected the empowering influence of Camp Fire programs and leadership. According to Julia, “I now see so many ways to help others, including my peers and campers, reach their full potential while also learning and improving upon my own leadership skills.” And Annika shared, “I became more and more involved in the different teen programs Camp Fire offered and I’m so fortunate that I could break out of my shell and practice the skills needed to become a role model for the campers.”

July 20, 2016

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