Camp Fire Selects Bobbie Henderson as Project Manager, Major Initiatives

Camp Fire National Headquarter is excited to announce that Bobbie Henderson has accepted the position of Project Manager, Major Initiatives, starting February 15 with a contract period ending December 31. She will provide invaluable research, analysis, assistance and thought leadership in two key areas: (1) Five-Year Strategy and Business Planning process and (2) Build-Out of the Camp Fire Learning Lab, Camp Fire’s online learning system for training volunteers and leaders.
Bobbie’s areas of knowledge, experience, and skill are considerable, as is her track record as a Camp Fire council leader. As important is her commitment to Camp Fire’s legacy and her understanding of the organization’s history over the last 20 years. Thus, her reputation and numerous contributions within the Camp Fire system makes her a tremendous choice

In August 2015, Bobbie Henderson retired after 18 years as Executive Director of Camp Fire Green Country. Previous employment included eight years as Associate Director of Tulsa’s Domestic Violence Intervention Services, and a year as Campus Director of the Frances Willard Home for Girls. She attended the University of Oklahoma, earning a Master’s in Human Relations/Organization Development. She held leadership roles in the Oklahoma Committee to Prevent Child Abuse (OCPCA), the Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, and the Oklahoma Afterschool Network (OKAN). Today, Bobbie remains active with the Tulsa Area Community Schools Initiative (TACSI), and Impact Tulsa, the Tulsa County-wide “Cradle to Career” collective impact initiative working to ensure school success for all children. Bobbie hails from families who migrated to northeastern Oklahoma over 100 years ago and enjoys volunteering with her church and spending time with her family, especially Maddie and Mollie, six and three year-old granddaughters.

February 14, 2016

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