Camp Fire Supports #MyReDream

Many of us have heard the term the “American Dream” which embodies the potential in what their lives may be in this country. Of course, this “dream” is different for each of us and imagining and sharing our goals is important strategy for success!

In this short social media video project in conjunction with PBS affiliates nationwide, think about what “chasing your dream” means to YOU and share your VOICE with people from across the country through the Re:Dream campaign.

More information on the project can be found here:


In this project you will envision and create a short video to share your dreams and goals for the future. Camp Fire teens can participate!

Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Visualize your future and the dreams your are chasing. What are your goals that would make your life successful and important? Choose those that are emotionally meaningful, realistic (for example, no super powers), and stretching (outside your comfort zone) for you. Take 5-10 minutes to dream – imagine and visualize – what is important for you to achieve. See it in your mind…
  • What does it feel like to work for and achieve this “dream”? Why do you really want to achieve it? What makes this important for YOU (not necessarily what others might expect of you)?
  • Lift your voice and share your dreams with others at Camp Fire and across the nation! If you are under 18 you will need to have your parent/guardian share your message.
  • Film a short video to share the dreams you visualized! Share the dreams your are chasing and why they are important to YOU.

PLEASE NOTE: Dreams and true goals are hard to achieve so it is okay to share what challenges or setbacks may exist. Remember not share your full name or other contact information. Again, If you are under 18 you will need to have your parent/guardian share your message.

Be sure to post and hashtag when you upload with #MyReDream and #CampFire.

Reflect and think about your experience. After you have completed and shared your video take some time to process why what you have learned while doing this project… this can be by yourself, with your friends or with adults in your life.

  • What Happened?: How did it feel to visualize your destination? How would you describe the emotions you were feeling when you talked about reaching your goals or dreams?
  • So What?: What were some of the challenges in reaching your goal that you had on your video? Were there people or resources that support you in reaching your dreams? If so, who were they?
  • Now What?: What are some strategies you might be able to use to overcome the challenges you might face? Can you think of any new people or resources that you could ask to support you?

March 9, 2016

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