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Camp Fire Minnesota

Inclusion isn’t just a buzz word to us at Camp Fire. It’s a founding principal. It’s a way of being, thinking, working and playing. It’s how we do everything, including camp.

Especially camp.


It’s just more fun that way. We believe every kid deserves a great camp experience. First-timers and old vets. City kids and country kids. Day-trippers and week-spenders. All ages, all genders, all backgrounds, all races, all abilities, all beliefs. Camp Fire can help the kids in your life find their spark by finding their camp.

Registration is open at Camp Fire’s 140+ camps across the country! Find the camp nearest you to see everything your local council has to offer.

(We don’t take sign-ups here at Camp Fire’s National Headquarters; we just root on our councils (and get really jealous) as they meet all of you and get you ready for some serious summer fun.)

When you get in touch with your local councils, make sure to ask about all the camping opportunities. Many offer both day camps and residence camps in varying lengths. Most offer counselor-in-training programs for teens ready to become leaders. Some have family camps, so we grown-ups don’t have to miss out on the camp adventures!

Camp Fire Heart of Oklahoma

And some camps have special programs designed to meet very specific needs.

Day camps

Summer day camps

Resident / overnight camps

Specialty camps

For example, campers mourning a significant loss get support through Camp Fire First Texas’s El Tesoro de la Vida’s Grief Camp and Camp Fire Snohomish County’s Camp Killoqua’s Camp Willie.  Camp Fire Heart of Oklahoma has a custom-designed day camp for kids with autism, Camp C.A.N.O.E. (Children with Autism Need Outdoor Experiences). Camp Fire Central Puget Sound’s Camp Sealth has integrated programs for kids with special needs, diabetes, and gluten-free diets—as do many Camp Fire councils.  Don’t assume camp isn’t an option for that special kid in your life: Find your camp and ask. Our councils work very hard to make camp possible for every kid!

I mean, Camp Fire Green Country even has specific sessions for Harry Potter and Avengers fans. If your kid is into it, there’s a camp for that. Find your camp, get the amazing kids in your life signed up, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most this camp season!

Camp Fire Minnesota

May 7, 2018

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