Developmental Relationships in Action

Two Youth Advisory Cabinet members share how strong, supportive relationships have made a big difference in their lives. 

“The associate executive director at Camp Fire New Jersey is so amazing and has become a significant person in my life since I have met her. I learn something from her every single day. I have learned that sometimes in life there are setbacks, but it is okay to set goals and keep striving to meet them; that it is okay not to meet your goals sometimes, but to never give up trying. I have learned that it is always okay to not be okay, and that whatever I am feeling is 100 percent valid. It is okay to share it and there is a solution to whatever problem I am having. My relationship with her is unique because she is the most positive person in my life. She is my biggest supporter in a way my family cannot be. She may not know my entire life history or back story, but she supports me in everything I do. She texts me frequently sending me positive vibes and quotes always cheering me on.” – Catherine Loye

“The pastor for my campus’s United Campus Ministry group plays a really positive role in my life. I frequently refer to her as my college mom. The most important thing she does for me is remind me that she is always there. I have known her for three years now, and whenever I am going through a tough time, need advice on a life situation or need guidance from someone, she is there. Not only does she provide me with her wisdom, but she gives me opportunities to grow as a leader and to get myself out of my comfort zone.” 

Another adult that plays a positive role in my life is my mentor Melanie Herman, who is a member of Camp Fire’s National Board of Trustees. She and I have formed a very strong relationship over the past year. When we first began talking, we talked about Camp Fire’s Youth Advisory Cabinet (YAC) and the direction of Camp Fire, but now we are having more in-depth conversations about what changes we want to make, how we can make those changes and the benefit of them. She also provides me a lot of guidance in my own personal life by giving advice whenever I call her and making sure that my personal life is progressing as well. Melanie is someone that I know I could call at any time of day, and she would pick up the phone to help me out with whatever I needed.”  – Nicole Pate, YAC Vice Chair

Learn more about developmental relationships and why young people need them to truly thrive. 

August 13, 2019

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