Help With Tough Conversations

Though Camp Fire assures the youth we serve that everyone has a different spark and lights the world in different ways, the national dialogue over recent months has exposed children of all ages to complex discussions about immigration, religion, diversity, safety, and community.
Students can end up feeling hurt, alienated, or confused if these complicated and sensitive subjects are not confronted thoughtfully. Caring Camp Fire adults are especially vigilant in seeking out ways to help facilitate these challenging conversations, guiding youth to a better understanding of inclusion for all.

Thanks to the generous support of the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, the Raikes Foundation, the Grable Foundation, and The Ford Foundation in partnership with the Institute for International Education, a new webinar series, ”Tools to Build On will provide additional support  to afterschool professionals, such as Camp Fire, as we continue to  tackle these topics.

The series kicked off in mid-April, though upcoming May webinars will discuss how afterschool programs can build community between law enforcement and youth, understand the broad social context where much of bullying is born and how to stop it, and help students confront complex issues and feelings in a safe space.


Learn more about the webinar and register today.

April 20, 2017

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