In Memory of Eunice Granzin

The Camp Fire family recently lost someone with more than 22 years of service, Eunice Granzin. Eunice served the St. Paul, MN area, starting in 1957 and continued her service with Camp Fire until 1979. She held a number of positions throughout the years. Throughout her service, she touched and impacted many lives throughout her years with Camp Fire. Eunice’s son, Gary Granzin, told us, “She stayed in touch with the original girls from 1957 when she started. They were all like her daughters and treated them as such.”

Kris and Vicki, Eunice’s daughters, both received the Wohelo award, which is the highest achievement for youth in Camp Fire. Her daughters then followed their mother’s footsteps and went on to become leaders within their Camp Fire councils.

Eunice’s obituary can be found here:

June 13, 2016

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