Lifelong Support Leads to Ongoing Contributions

Nathan Alexander III is one of Camp Fire’s most steadfast supporters. He has been for most of his young life. In fact, thanks to his efforts, March 16 was declared Absolutely Incredible Kid day across the entire state of Texas, through proclamation by Texas Senator Craig Estes, and support from Texas Governor Greg Abbott. And March 16 will continue to be Absolutely Incredible Kid Day from this year forward, again, thanks to Nathan’s efforts.

Nathan, Vice Chair of Camp Fire’s National Youth Advisory Council and representative of all Texas Camp Fire councils, started going to camp when he was four years old. After a lifetime of camp, and Camp Fire nurturing, he is now studying political science at Prairie View A&M University.

“Camp Fire has definitely been a part of my life and has allowed me to find my spark. Now I’m able to help other people find theirs,” said Alexander. “As a kid I received three Absolutely Incredible Kid Day letters,” said Nathan. “Just knowing someone cared enough to write it was amazing.”

“Nathan is a remarkable young man,” Bettye Ricks, executive director for Camp Fire North Texas, said. “He has served as a youth member on the Camp Fire North Texas Board of Directors for the past two years and has been part of the Camp Fire staff.”

For 20 years, Absolutely Incredible Kid Day has encouraged adults from Texas—as well as all across the country—to tell children just how special they are, with the goal of having every child in America receive a letter or note.

April 20, 2017

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