Camp Fire and national research partner Hatchuel Tabernik and Associates (HTA) will be the subject of a poster session at the American Evaluation Association Conference in November 2015. From the abstract:
Camp Fire recently integrated a youth development model from the Thrive Foundation into nearly all of their sites across the country. Camp Fire partnered with Hatchuel Tabernik and Associates (HTA), the independent evaluator, to determine the program’s impact on youth. Evaluators discovered the challenges of defining the parameters of the model in a program still in development. This poster will cover the collaborative experience between the client and evaluator to develop a fidelity rubric to measure the program across the various sites across the country. Additionally, panelists will discuss how, through regular communication and shared responsibilities, Camp Fire and HTA created tools (logic model, surveys, webinars, protocols) and collected data together, to empower Camp Fire to gradually take ownership of their own evaluation process.