In Memorium: Celebrating the lives of Dr. Faith W LaVelle and Grace Sidell Nause

It brings us much sadness to announce the passing of two Camp Fire alumni in December 2022. These two amazing women were pieces of the foundation that Camp Fire was built upon, at a national and local level, and we would like to honor them. Our condolences go out to those who knew them, and we thank them for their legacy.

Dr. Faith W LaVelle (March 14th, 1921 – December 14th, 2022)

Of her many achievements, Dr. LaVelle served in many roles with Camp Fire. A post by Providence Life Services honors Dr. LaVelle’s many years of educational service; an excerpt from it states, “For Camp Fire she led two groups of girls from first grade through high school, worked with the local council board, and then served 14 years on the national board, with two of those years as National President (1978-79).” She is also listed as one of Camp Fire’s legacy donors, for which we cannot thank her enough.

Dr. LaVelle’s impact left vivid memories with current staff; one of whom described her as “…truly a very warm and gracious person.” Read her obituary here.

Grace Sidell Nause (July 27th, 1934 – December 12th, 2022)

Grace became involved with Camp Fire in 1972, when her daughter joined the program. Shortly after, Grace became the executive director for Camp Fire Sandusky County in Fremont, OH, and served from 1975-2002. Her Camp Fire legacy prevails through her grandson, Jason Sidell, who currently serves as treasurer on the board of directors at the very same location.

Grace’s obituary can be found here.

A beautiful wish from Grace can be read in her Obituary, which tells us that “Life is good” and “Don’t cry because I’m gone – Smile because I was here”.

We thank these two outstanding women for their incredible dedication to our mission, and we send our utmost gratitude to the people that supported them.

Their memory shall live on forever in the heart of Camp Fire.

April 3, 2023

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