Six Foolproof Strategies for Going After Goals

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Even though “reality” TV shows might tell us otherwise, wanting it isn’t actually enough to win you the 2018 resolutions prize. Nope. If we want to attain our goals, we need a plan. Make that multiple plans.

That’s where the P of the GPS goal management method comes in. After first setting smart goals we go all in on Pursuit of Strategies.

We teach Camp Fire kids that meeting their goals takes planning, practice and progress-monitoring. It’s not something that just happens. We make goals happen.

Want to apply the Camp Fire way to your 2018 resolutions? Here’s how:

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  • Get creative. Break larger goals into incremental steps, then brainstorm strategies for meeting them. Don’t edit too much: All strategy ideas are good ideas at this stage.
  • Make a plan. Choose the strategies you think are most likely to work and craft your plan. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Think of this as a starter map. It will change as you go!
  • Trigger action. Give strategies specific whens and wheres. Put it on a calendar, set alarms, write notes. Make it easy to remember to take action.
  • Focus on effort and practice instead of outcomes. Celebrate putting in the work rather than achieving certain results right now. Remember Camp Fire’s growth mindset wisdom: It matters how we talk about failure and success. Whether you’re practicing positive self talk or mentoring a kid or teen, emphasize process, learning, creativity and progress.
  • Look for the bright spots. While implementing your strategies, note what’s working well. Ask, “How can I repeat that?” Lean into what’s going right, even if (especially if) it means changing your starter map. (More on that in the next blog post!).
  • Check your progress. Look back at your plan. Are you on track? Regular check-ins can help remind you how far you’ve come while helping you stay committed to your goals.

How are your 2018 resolutions going so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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January 15, 2018

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