Over the past three years, Camp Fire has implemented our Thrive methodology with the intention of positively impacting youth—their purpose, life, and social skills. This past December the program was evaluated. When results were tabulated, applause was appropriate!
Five questions—focused on program implementation and impact—guided the evaluation. Answers reflected both thoughtful suggestions and confirmation that Thrive was driving intended youth action in the right direction.

  • 82 percent stated adults in Camp Fire helped them solve problems instead of telling them what to do.
  • 83 percent felt that if they did not achieve their goal on the first try, they would not give up.
  • 84 percent reported they were taught they could figure things out even when they did not know the answers.
  • 82 percent reported that at Camp Fire they learned they did not have to be born with talent in order to be good at something.

Most important, pre-and post-evaluations were definitive in proof that the needle was moving in the right direction. For example, when surveyed about conflict resolution, after a youth had been exposed to Thrive, he/she was 10.8 percent more likely to respond positively to the situation, “If I am mad at a person I try to talk to them about how I feel.” There was a 6.1 percent shift in the right direction in relation to life skills. Pre-programming, 3.12 percent said they would think through their decisions before action. Post-implementation, the percentage jumped to 3.31 percent, a 6.1 percent increase. As Camp Fire has taken this methodology and made it our own, we’re using the phrase Thrive{ology} as our description.

According to Cathy Tisdale, Camp Fire President & CEO, “Camp Fire’s Thrive{ology} works. It changes lives. We know, because our kids tell us.”

To help youth find their sparks and to have real impact on their development, please consider a donation to Camp Fire.