Why camp is my spark

I’ve been trying to put this into words, and I am having trouble. Camp Killoqua (Camp Fire Snohomish County’s camp in Everett, Washington) is a big part of my life and it has helped me to change my life.

Tryggve Trivett shared this testimonial at the Camp Fire Snohomish County fundraiser luncheon in Everett, Wa., in Oct. 2018. She posed with her grandfather, Greg Starup, who serves on the Camp Fire Snohomish County Board.

Camp means a lot to me. Camp is a place for kids and teenagers to get away from their parents and their phones, and any other thing they want to get away from–like homework.

Camp is a place for kids who have lost someone or something. And camp helps them let go of that scary part of losing someone or something.

There are other camp activities too like horses, archery, high ropes, climbing walls, cooking, drama, swimming, day camp assisting (DCA), and more. There are all sorts of different camp activities and I couldn’t list all of them.

I don’t keep coming back to Camp Killoqua to get away from my parents (because I love them too much), or my phone (I don’t spend all day on it), or homework (I love homework). I keep coming back because I love it. I love the people the activities and the wildlife.


“Reece’s Pieces” (camp name), Tryggve R. Trivett, 13

What is your spark?

January 7, 2019

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