Actively involved in Camp Fire since 2004, Emma Sink-Underfer, a Camp Fire Heart of Iowa high school senior, was recently presented with her Wohelo Award, Camp Fire’s most prestigious recognition.
To earn a Wohelo Award, a candidate must complete an intensive and individualized project that typically takes two to three years. The award requires planning, leading, teaching, and advocacy for three service causes. Camp Fire adult leadership evaluates the project at the conclusion. In 2014, 23 Camp Fire youth earned their Wohelo Award.

Emma selected three organizations as her service causes: Valley High School Best Buddies, Camp Hantesa, and Maple Grove United Methodist Church. She participated in fundraising and leadership opportunities for Best Buddies and Maple Grove. Emma developed activities for Camp Hantesa and developed a mini camp for individuals with special needs. Emma stated that she was most proud of the special needs camp, stating, “I loved seeing the special needs youth camping with the general education kids. They had so much fun.” Emma prepared for the special needs camp for nine months. She provided multiple activities, such as games, camp crafts, hiking, and cooking over the campfire. Emma said, “It has been my honor and privilege to be a part of this organization. I am thankful for the influence of Camp Fire in my life. It is my hope that all metro youth will become involved with Camp Fire as they are working to prepare leaders for a better tomorrow.”