Writing Tips, Ideas & Examples for Absolutely Incredible Kid Day®

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Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® is right around the corner (third Thursday in March)! If you find yourself running a little low on creativity, here are some ideas to help get you started writing/telling a kid in your life why they are absolutely incredible:

+ Try using a different word than incredible: Is your kid amazing? Wonderful? Inspiring? Spectacular? Impressive? Great? Marvelous? Fantastic? What about a more specific characteristic? Is your kid creative? Passionate? Generous? Caring? Determined? Confident? Compassionate? Do they make you smile? Laugh? Proud? Excited? Challenged to think in a different way? Inspired? Energized? There are thousands of ways to express how incredible your kid is. Don’t feel that you have to settle for one word!

+ Use the platform they respond to the most! For a lot of kids, that is social media. Do they love Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, email, or text messages? If you’re on social media, post a photo of the kid you want to praise, and try a caption like this for your post!

  • I’m always so impressed by how hard you work! Your passion inspires me and you teach me how to enjoy life. I am so thankful for you. #KidDay #AIKD
  • You make me proud, not just today, but EVERYDAY! I am so fortunate that you are in my life. Keep being you, because who you are is #incredible! Happy #KidDay! #AIKD
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+ An absolutely incredible kids doesn’t have to be your kid. Don’t have kids of your own? Today is still for you! Are you a teacher who knows an incredible student? Are you a volunteer that has been inspired by the generosity of a kiddo you work with? Are you a social worker? A coach? A neighbor? A sibling? Aunt or uncle? How you know your kiddo isn’t important – it’s how they have impacted your life! Let them know you are honored to know them!

+ Stick a note in their lunch box, on their pillow, in their car, or put your AIKD letter/postcard in the mail for them!

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That’s not all!

+ Here are examples that our National Youth Advisory Cabinet put together a few ideas for how to send an encouraging note on #KidDay!

Dear Shiloh,

I think that you are an absolutely incredible kid. You were such a fantastic help as my counselor-in-training last summer. I really admire how hard you worked to make sure that all of our campers learned and had fun. I was especially impressed by how much you grew as a leader during camp. You were great in the beginning, but by the end of camp, you were absolutely fantastic. All of the campers really admired you, and I do too! Keep working hard, and you will continue to accomplish great things. I can’t wait to work with you again next summer!

All the best,


Hey Zach!

I just wanted to take the time to point out what an absolutely incredible kid you are! You are pawsitively a joy to be around with your bright personality and sense of humor. And with your hard work and compassion, you will continue to amaze those around you. Take time to sniff out your spark and learn what makes you the wonderful person you are. It would be catastrophic for you to not to be recognized on absolutely incredible kid day and all other days for your unique spark. Stay positive and enjoy what amazing things are coming your way!



Thank you for being an absolutely incredible kid! Being able to teach you swim lessons this summer was a blast. Seeing you grow and become a better swimmer made it all worthwhile. I hope to see you this summer again. Keep your school work up and have an amazing year.

See you later!


Still need more ideas?

Maybe words aren’t your thing. That’s okay! Paint a picture. Take a photo. Kick a soccer ball around. Choreograph a dance. Program a computer game. Learn something together.

Tell your kiddo they are incredible in a way that is truly YOU.

Originally posted February 12, 2019

February 12, 2019

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