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A purpose in life, less depression and anxiety, better social skills, higher school attendance…all of these benefits (and more!) when kids/teens have opportunity to nurture their Spark with adult support! See all the awesome benefits when you share your email! Enjoy:

Good News on Teens in Action

As an upbeat story, I want to share that our Camp Fire Teens in Action in Santa Maria are thriving. We recently celebrated five groups who finished their first eight-week experience in completing a community service project using the Thrive… Read More >

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Thrive Sparks Significant Change

Over the past three years, Camp Fire has implemented our Thrive methodology with the intention of positively impacting youth—their purpose, life, and social skills. This past December the program was evaluated. When results were tabulated, applause was appropriate! Five questions—focused… Read More >

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Onward & Upward. March, 2015

March is a big month for Camp Fire.  While we celebrate youth every day of every month, since 1997 we’ve taken a special “pause” the third Thursday in March (the date coincides with our founding) to celebrate Camp Fire Absolutely… Read More >

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IBM TryScience Ignites Camp Fire Interest

The U.S. needs more experts in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields. Unfortunately, our pipeline for these skills seems to be running dry at just the moment when we need more STEM professionals than ever. And it’s not just industry… Read More >

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Memories Packed Full of Meaning and Optimism

Conversations with Camp Fire alumni are always heartwarming. Most involve memories that define them today.  Some include tears. All are filled with emotions that confirm Camp Fire experiences have been among the most defining of their lives. And within every… Read More >

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Samsung Partners With Camp Fire to Reinforce STEM

In today’s technology-enhanced world STEM studies (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) have become essential to the success of youth across our country. Though Camp Fire has been diligent in incorporating #STEM into programming, over the next few months those efforts… Read More >

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The Importance of Trained and Caring Adults

Onward & Upward Caring adults have been on my mind lately. Obviously we all recognize the value of adults in a child’s life. Yet what exactly does “care” mean (talk about a subjective term!) and when does “caring” become too… Read More >

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Camp Fire Long Beach Area Teens in Action

By Georgia Stewart, Associate Executive Director, Camp Fire Long Beach Area Camp Fire Long Beach Area Teens in Action participant, Alex Gomez, as part of her Wohelo project, ran a two-day camp at Carmelitos Housing Project in North Long Beach,… Read More >

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Joan Hei: Camp Fire Roots That Run Deep

When talking about Camp Fire, Joan Hei’s words evoke memories of woods, hikes, human rights, subways, and Wall Street. Though seemingly disparate, Joan weaves her words together into a story, one that began at Camp Sebago, the first Camp Fire… Read More >

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