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A purpose in life, less depression and anxiety, better social skills, higher school attendance…all of these benefits (and more!) when kids/teens have opportunity to nurture their Spark with adult support! See all the awesome benefits when you share your email! Enjoy:

Camp Fire – Encouraging kids to connect with nature for more than 100 years!

Since 1910, when Dr. Luther and Charlotte Gulick founded Camp Fire Girls (see video below), Camp Fire has focused on helping youth appreciate and experience the outdoors. In fact, Dr. Gulick was so convinced that outdoor skills were integral to… Read More >

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Wear Orange for Unity Day!

This Wednesday, Oct. 22, is Unity Day, a day to wear orange to express solidarity with everyone who’s working to reduce bullying. Our friends at PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center are behind this endeavor, and we couldn’t agree more. Stop… Read More >

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The Power of Camp

We’ve been talking about bullying this month, because October is National Bullying Prevention Month. One aspect of bullying prevention is giving kids and teens the self-confidence to stand up for themselves (and for others). Camp Fire works to do that… Read More >

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Stand Up. Stand Out

I start this blog post as a testament to all the young people who see no good way out of the pain endured from repetitive bullying or feeling marginalized for things completely outside their control. Suicide rates among youth are… Read More >

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Drama: Is It Happening to You?

But first, welcome to Camp Fire’s updated website and relaunched blog! We’re glad you’re here! October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and that’s an important topic for Camp Fire participants everywhere. We’ll have posts this month about bullying and what… Read More >

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Camp Killoqua Offers Classic Summer Fun With Relaxing Distraction

In early July, about 22 children and teenagers from Oso and Darrington—the Washington towns impacted by mud slides last spring—had the chance to be kids again, without bumpy detours or scarred hillsides to remind them of their communities’ devastation. Camp… Read More >

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Inspiration Found as Intimidation Conquered

Camp Fire promotes the concept of “challenge by choice,” which allows individuals to tackle the challenges they feel most comfortable confronting. In early June, Camp Fire Green Country partnered with a local youth services organization to offer leadership training and… Read More >

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Camp Counselors Turn Canoeing and Climbing Into Teachable Moments

This summer, about 1,300 children signed up to roam the 33 acres of Camp Fire Heart of Oklahoma Camp DaKaNi. The camp aims to help campers find themselves and learn life skills through activities disguised as fun. “Almost everything that… Read More >

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Camp Fire Camp Sealth Award for Best Overnight Camp

Camp Fire Central Puget Sound Camp Sealth was literally jumping for joy after being awarded ParentMap’s Golden Teddy for Best Overnight Camp for the second year in a row. Camp Sealth was also chosen as a finalist in the Nature/Environmental… Read More >

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