Open Letter on Civility Through Change

Camp Fire stands for a civil society fostered by engaged and informed citizens of all ages. That was core to our founding in 1910. In fact, our founder’s deep belief in patriotism was reflected in our movement’s first defining colors of red, white, and blue. Our founders believed that girls

InterACTION Experience

As a youth development specialist, I have worked with more than 300 youth who strive to make a difference through Camp Fires Teens in Action program. Everyone wants to make a change, but that requires a voice, actions, and lots of communication. When I was presented with the InterACTION program,

Bank of America Student Leaders Program: Apply Now!

Student Leaders® recognizes those who lead and serve in their own communities and beyond. Bank of America will connect Student Leaders to tools and resources that will help them make communities better. As a Student Leader, you will: • Work as a paid intern at a local nonprofit for eight weeks • Attend the week-long
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Will we be good winners? Will we be good losers?

Like most of you, I was in front of the TV Tuesday night watching election results. Some of us were with friends; others at watch parties; others alone with their hopes, and fears. And some of us watched with our kids. No matter how engaged or disengaged our kids were,
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Calling Youth Leaders!

The Camp Fire National Youth Advisory Cabinet (YAC) is accepting applications! We are looking for motivated Camp Fire and non-Camp Fire leaders aged 16–21 to join the team. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a YAC member, use the link below to fill out an application!
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Cheryl Kravitz Receives Outstanding Community Advocate Award

Congratulations to Camp Fire friend and partner Cheryl Kravitz on being recognized by the Montgomery County Family Justice Center as the Outstanding Community Advocate for 2016. Wohelo! “Cheryl Kravitz brilliantly uses her expertise in community relationships, motivational speaking, crisis communications, media relations and training, as well as her skills as

Are We Enabling Our Youth to Be Bullies?

Schoolyard bullies have jumped the playground fence. They’re hiding behind cell phones and snapchats. It’s easier. Looking into the eyes of someone whose life you’re about to upend isn’t as conscience-tugging as hitting the send key. Unfortunately, we all know this. We all know that bulling is now cyber-enabled. So

Acceptance and Integration: How Familiarity Breeds Tolerance

As a positive parenting advocate, I’m glad Camp Fire is a part of our communities. Camp Fire can be counted on to continue with many of the tried-and-true ways, like setting up a tent in the great outdoors and bonding with nature. When the organization was originally founded back in

Camp Fire Year-End Address

Hear from Camp Fire President & CEO Cathy Tisdale about how Camp Fire continues to grow, and what lies ahead! <p>