Fun (FREE!) Activities for You & Your Kids/Teens

These were created by our expert in-house Camp Fire Team for you. If you’re making the most of your time at home during COVID-19, download these creative resources with the form below. Simply select what you’d like:

  • Service & Advocacy from Home: Ideas for fun outdoor projects that can make a positive impact in your community during COVID-19 or ANYTIME throughout the year.
  • #SociallyResponsible Activities & Certificate: Youth can can earn our #SociallyResponsible badge/sticker by learning more about the global situation and how they can make a difference. You will find both a certificate and Spanish translation of the activity within the folder.
  • Nature-Inspired Activities: Get outside with your family with some intention: learn about and engage with nature in new ways.
  • Thrive{ology} Resources for Parents/Families: Activities for your family to do together. Helpful resources for caregivers to learn how to help their kids thrive.
Thrive{ology} Resources - Finding Your Spark
Thrive{ology} Resources - Goals Management and Grit
Thrive{ology} Resources - Practicing Growth Mindset
Service & Advocacy at Home
Socially Responsible Emblem
Nature-Inspired Activities
Resource Links for Youth with Disabilities

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