Hello friends, colleagues, alumni, and supporters –

I sincerely hope this finds you and your loved ones healthy and safe. Like you, we’re navigating this new territory day-by-day and week-by-week. It’s a time to plan, not a time to panic. We have to lean on one another in order to survive the short-term and thrive in the long-term.

We are doing our best to #flattenthecurve and help slow the spread of COVID-19 by heeding the advice from the global experts, the CDC, and following “the boring basics.” Because our first priority is the wellbeing, safety and health of the young people we serve, our councils have made the difficult decisions to cancel and postpone events, pause programs (many of which are in-school or out-of-school-time programs) and other important services to their communities, and staff is working from home. We are also working together and with other youth organizations nationwide to ask legislators for emergency aid for nonprofits (you can take action here).

But that doesn’t mean we stop operations. If anything, our work is more important than ever in times of uncertainty and crisis. We’re working hard to develop strategies for our youth to stay connected and participate with Camp Fire while at home. We’re thinking creatively about how kids and teens can do service and advocacy projects, nature-based activities, ways to build community and not feel isolated when social distancing, and supporting parents to better connect with their kids in new ways – all while staying at home. In the meantime, councils are preparing for summer camp and will continue to monitor the situation and communicate with their families.

We’re working closely with our 52 councils in 25 states to support them in this difficult time. We want to ensure all youth have a safe and inclusive virtual place to go. However, much of the revenue Camp Fire relies on has come to a screeching halt. It’s likely things will get worse before they get better. We need your support now more than ever. If you’re able to help our youth and programs during this pandemic, please click here to donate today.

Every dollar makes a difference.

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When we were founded in 1910, the values of Work, Health, and Love (Wo-He-Lo) guided the organization. Camp Fire Central Puget Sound shared this on their blog and it felt fitting to share here during this uncertain time:

Work every day to make the world a better place. Use your unique skills and talents to bring joy, compassion, beauty, and love to those around you and everything that you do.

Health is the most important thing – without it, we can’t do anything. Take care of yourself – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually – so that you can be your best for others.

Love is the meaning behind it all – it’s the fuel that keeps us going and reminds us why we are human. Love yourself, love each other, and the world around you.


Thank you for being part of our 110-year legacy. If being 110 years old has taught us anything, it’s that together – we are stronger, and we can always adapt to the changes, crises, and needs of our communities that come over time. We will persevere wisely, and be resilient, because of you. Thank you for your continued support to keep us going.

Keep each other safe,






Greg Zweber (he/him)
President & CEO of Camp Fire National Headquarters

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Our Promise

Young people want to shape the world.

Camp Fire provides the opportunity to find their spark, lift their voice, and discover who they are.

In Camp Fire, it begins now.

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