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El Tesoro de la Vida, Spanish for “The Treasure of Life”, is one of three Camp Fire grief camps across the country for youth who have experienced the death of a loved one. El Tesoro de la Vida is operated by Camp Fire First Texas, in Fort Worth, Texas.

Meet some of Camp El Tesoro de la Vida’s campers and staff members:

“Camp El Tesoro is definitely a place you want to come if you’ve lost someone. They help you understand that it’s okay to cry. It’s okay to express your feelings.”





“I think we felt like we could make a difference in these kids’ lives. It’s a place where it’s safe. They come in and all week long it’s Nurse Barbara and Nurse Sally and they know they’re safe with us and with all the counselors here. And we truly were hooked. To know that you make a difference in a child’s life, for the rest of their life, that’s pretty powerful and that’s pretty rewarding.”

“I love camp El Tesoro because there is all kinds of walks of life here and al different stories, and nobody’s judged. It’s a break from the normal. You’re around almost 100 other kids who are just like you and you feel like you’re not alone anymore.”


“I think when I went to camp I thought that I would be helping the children and what I quickly learned was that the children would become my teachers and that they really would teach me lessons that I still have. They taught me about courage, and they taught me about hope, and the taught me about faith and how to keep moving forward in some of the most unimaginable situations. So I left there not the same person I was when I started.”

“My favorite memories from camp are the relationships I’ve built that ended up sustaining over the years. I met a counselor named Shane Mudge that ended up being there for me and 20-some odd years later he’s still there for me.”




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