Incident Reporting

Incident reporting

Incident Reporting

Report a Child Safety Incident

Camp Fire is devoted to the well-being of children and youth through safe, positive programming experiences. Safety is our number one priority.

If you need to report an emergency situation involving child sexual abuse, please call 911. Otherwise, please contact the appropriate local and state authorities to report suspected incidents of child sexual abuse. You can find contact information for your particular state here.

You can report an incident anonymously or with contact information. Incident reports get submitted to the Director, Program Effectiveness, Nikki Roe Cropp, who reviews each incident and follows up accordingly. This may include sharing findings with other members of the senior leadership team.

Your concerns will be taken seriously, and your confidentiality will be protected to the degree possible.

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Incident follow up (Was the council contacted? If so, what was the response? Was anyone else told about the incident?)