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Click here –> 72 fun projects to get you outside. Do these with your kids OR send them out on their own. Fresh air, creativity, learning, enjoyment of our Earth, conservation…no matter where you are.


Camp Fire’s proven, research-based framework to develop life skills in kids/teens! Each section includes a guide for parents/caregivers, activities for young people K-12, exercises to do together, and more.

Click here –> Find your Spark!

Click here –> Develop Goals & Grit

Click here –> Get a Growth Mindset


Click here –> 6 feel-good projects! Make a positive impact in your neighborhood and community during COVID-19 or anytime throughout the year.


Click here –> Complete all of these items on our checklist to show how you are aware (nice work!) and #sociallyresponsible (way to lead!) during COVID-19. Earn a certificate and emblem. (Activity also in Spanish.)


Click here –>  See these 18 videos that some of our councils have created for their youth across the country! We’ve pulled them from their social media pages and compiled for you and your kids here.

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