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Before Camp Fire, I was just a kid who was in school. Really bored. Didn’t have nothing to besides do work. But then, all of a sudden I heard about the Camp Fire program. I started getting into more projects and working on my Sparks. I started painting murals and things. I learned my sparks.  A “spark” is what you want to accomplish in your life. What you want to become. For yourself. Not for nobody else. It’s for you.”

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“They helped me. It’s kind of like with myself, too. I’ve been inspired so much and we do so many things to help other people and helping ourselves, also. The more often I did that, the more I started to realize I want a life. When you’re in Camp Fire, you get inspired so much by different people by saying “You can do this. You can do that.” I’ve been told I’m going to be somebody. See now, I’m really holding on to that.”




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