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How We Talk About Failure & Success with Our Kids

Current research shows that our intelligence isn’t fixed – it can actually change! How? One of the keys to success in both school and life is adopting a growth mindset. Camp Fire believes it is important to help the kids… Read More >

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Camp Fire Heart of Iowa Receives Selective Funding

Receiving a $300,000 grant from the Margaret A. Cargill Foundation (MACF) was, according to Camp Fire Heart of Iowa Executive Director Robert Reid, “a game changer—which is good!” Naturally, receiving $300,000 is a revenue boost. However, when the foundation comes… Read More >

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Camp Fire Ways, Nature, & The Great Outdoors – Still Thriving

The Camp Fire ways—exploring the great outdoors, bonding with nature, setting goals, and reflecting on opportunities—can be compared to a recent Hollywood film. In the Oscar-winning drama “The Descendants,” starring George Clooney, this land baron wrestles with an important decision… Read More >

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Wohelo: The Highest Achievement

“Wohelo” stands for Work, Health, and Love—values that have been central to Camp Fire since our founding in 1910. The Wohelo Award is the highest achievement for youth in Camp Fire. This prestigious award, open to teens in grades 9… Read More >

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Camp Fire Supports #MyReDream

Many of us have heard the term the “American Dream” which embodies the potential in what their lives may be in this country. Of course, this “dream” is different for each of us and imagining and sharing our goals is… Read More >

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10 Reasons Camp Fire Youth Will Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

1. They’re at home in the outdoors. Camp and Environmental programs have been a staple of Camp Fire since 1910. Camp Fire kids are right at home in the outdoors, with lots of places to run, hide, and build shelter.… Read More >

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Memories Packed Full of Meaning and Optimism

Conversations with Camp Fire alumni are always heartwarming. Most involve memories that define them today.  Some include tears. All are filled with emotions that confirm Camp Fire experiences have been among the most defining of their lives. And within every… Read More >

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The Importance of Trained and Caring Adults

Onward & Upward Caring adults have been on my mind lately. Obviously we all recognize the value of adults in a child’s life. Yet what exactly does “care” mean (talk about a subjective term!) and when does “caring” become too… Read More >

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Thankful, with More Hope for the Future

This is the time of year when many of us reflect on all that we’re thankful for. In keeping with that, I’m devoting my December blog to what we’re thankful for at Camp Fire. As Camp Fire professionals, parents, alums,… Read More >

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