Space for Identity Exploration: Through the Lens of Gender

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Space for Identity Exploration: Through the Lens of Gender is the first-of-its-kind report around the impact of both physical spaces and psychological conditions that allow youth “to just be,” with an emphasis on identity and gender-affirming practices for transgender and non-binary young people.

Camp Fire isn’t just creating gender-affirming practices, we’re expanding opportunities for young people to exist in their fullness through any means necessary, such as looking at and updating our policies, practices, language, operations, and structures. This allows us to make important changes that will help all youth thrive.

Space for Identity Exploration: Through the Lens of Gender

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Howard, Hannah. (2024). Space for Identity Exploration: Through the Lens of Gender.

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Gender-Affirming Practices Guide

To accompany this report, we’ve developed a companion Practices Guide that lays out tangible actions for any camp or program, including sports, recreation, afterschool, etc. Discover the concrete gender-inclusive practices that make a big difference, including tips around bathrooms, spaces for changing clothes, hiking, and more. Translate these tangible practices into any setting to create a safer, more welcoming environment for transgender, non-binary, and gender-expansive youth. Bonus: We’ve found that all youth benefit from the adoption of these inclusive changes; for example, when one Camp Fire affiliate set up changing tents at camp, they found that teenage boys benefited most from these private spaces, feeling more confident and experiencing less teasing and bullying. 

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